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growth process:

Company Profile: Our company is the oldest tool of large-scale processing enterprises saw one of the ten years of market trials and hardships, the company grow, we have the spirit of customer first, quality first, credit first, service first principle, new and old customers at home and abroad to win the trust and favor, has become the largest and oldest of the large saw one piece tool manufacturers.

its unique advantages can be reflected in the following areas:

· radiation of the marketing and service network

Founded at the beginning that in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Shunde and other places set up branches. Level in the country after the capital cities such as: Shenyang, Chengdu, Harbin, and other places have set up a distributor or representative offices. Able to give customers complete, uniform, convenient, timely pre-and after-sales service, ensure a high standard of service.

quality of service group

company suffered heavy industry market challenges, but also created a number of the most experienced service group. Whether it is management, executives, or the specific service, can the quality of first-class professional, friendly service, assisting customers to solve all the problems in use.

· wide operating range

The Company is currently operating include carbide circular saw blades, all kinds of sex tool, milling, molding knives, drill bits, grinding wheels and so on. Products with precise dimensions cut, cut clean, high efficiency, long life, impact resistance and other characteristics, widely used in wood, plywood, particleboard, plastic, artificial marble, aluminum alloy, iron and copper sawing, is the ideal tool selection.

· large-scale production

company uses a full set of advanced production lines and German production technology, the company saw the German GRASCHE board, making Luxembourg CERAMETAL carbide products and fully comply with the German DIN54 DIN8033 standards. The company a total of more than four sets of production equipment, equipment imported from Germany are, mighty German VOLLMER company which tooth surface, tooth tip, tooth grinding machine 35 sets, the German KAHNY automatic welding machine 6 sets of teeth. With sophisticated equipment and advanced technology to provide our clients with uniform quality, high performance tool products.

· prominent customer base

Since its inception, quality products and services to win the domestic and foreign customers. Most of our customer base of well-known large domestic furniture manufacturers. Such as: Jiang Hua Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Meihua Ya Industrial Co., Ltd., Germany source wood products factory, Han Ji e, blue-ray Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhen Xing furniture, furniture, Fortune, Anshan Yami home, Cixi side too Group, Chengdu Brilliant companies, Dalian Huafeng Furniture, furniture Fuzhou Heng Fu, Kwong Fung Rabbit Group, Langfang Huari Furniture, Kaiping Matsumoto Construction Group, Leshan Kat Wood, Meizhou Weihua Group, peony Jianggao Wei wood, Ning Xia Dexin furniture, Inner Mongolia Tianjiao Group, Qingdao Haier Group, the Hatch Xing Wood, Shenyang big bang Group, Shandong Hawker, Wood Hongta Simao, Taiyuan Industrial Light philosophy, Xiamen Xiyingmen, Guangdong (even state) particleboard Factory, Shandong Hawker and so on. Vendors is all over the country. The company now owns a total of